Thursday, June 29, 2006

Baby picture!

As you can see the offspring (that grey blob at the bottom of the black circle) is quite photogenic. Already it's 2 centimetres long! Okay, so it's less than an inch, but considering that whole sac was 7mm less than three weeks ago, I consider 2 cm huge. The coolest part was the tiny heart beat, I could see it pulsating in the middle of the blob. That proves that there really is a baby in there (and they aren't just tricking me by showing me pics of my kidneys or something).

I'm doing much better than last time I posted. Today I puked for the first time since Friday and that was only because they made me drink a whole bunch of water right around lunch time. The idea is my bladder should be full so the ultrasound lady can see stuff better. Unfortunately, the water never really ended up in my bladder. Oh well.

This weekend we're going camping with two other couples. There's a limit of six people per camp site. Little do they know, that we're disobeying the rules. Including unborn children, there'll be at least eight people on site!


~Becca~ said...

Very Cool Jen! I can't wait to see my little bean :)

Maritza said...

The first ultrasound is so great!

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