Friday, July 21, 2006

The condo

My sweet German grandmother is still in the hospital, awaiting a place in a home. She can't live in her condo anymore because she is too alzeimerish and needs too much care. It was my uncle who initially got the idea that Adam and I should take care of her condo. We don't want to sell EVERTHING she has out from under her and besides, Omi proclaims to everyone who'll listen (and many people that don't) that I am her favourite grandchild (though, trust me, her other grandkids are just as fab).

Omi's condo has all the luxuries I dream about: washer & drier, dishwasher, balcony. And the building has all the luxuries I wouldn't even dream about: outdoor pool, exercise machines, pool table. The deal is we live there for what we're paying in rent now (substantially less than what the condo is worth). At first I felt a bit guilty taking advantage of my poor grandmother's situation, but Adam and I are doing a lot of work packing up her stuff and fixing up the place. Plus I couldn't say no, not with the baby coming.

Anyhoo. We've been spending the past 2 weeks transforming Germangrandmotherland into Jen and Adam's happening pad. First we had to tear out the carpet (it was stained and made the whole place smell like certain bodily fluids) and find a place that would put in nice laminate flooring for not too much money.

The floor goes in Monday, so we packed up all the furniture, photos, and nick nacks and stuffed them into the bedroom. Then we took down some grandmotherly wall paper and painted the pink living room walls a gorgeous shade of lime green. To be fair, Adam did the painting. We're both afraid that if I pick up a roller, our baby will come out with a lime green head or something.

Speaking of the baby, check out the ticker at the top of the page. It's counting down to my due date, February 5th, but I highly doubt that I'll have baby in my arms by the time the stork reaches the finish line. Children in my family are too lazy to leave the womb on time. On the other hand, Adam was 3 weeks early. You never know.


Maritza said...

I would much rather have a family member use my place than leave it empty or worse, rent to strangers who will not fix up the place. Make sure you visit your grandma often, take photos of her stuff to remind her of her things. I like the idea of lime green!

~Becca~ said...

The condo is super awsome!

I can't wait to see it when it becomes your place It's wonderful!

Caz said...

Awwwwwww that's fab news!!! Your year's just getting better and better! :D Btw I love the baby banner you have now! Girl we have some serious catching up to do!

Love Carol

P.S. Lime green... nice! I used to have lime green and lemon. :)

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