Thursday, July 06, 2006

Highlights of the week

Fri-Mon : Camping!

We went up to Grundy Lake (near Sudbury). We being, myself and Adam, Becca and Drew, and Kerri and Kevin. We chose Grundy Lake because it was the only park that had a site available on the Canada Day Long Weekend, so we were pleasantly surprised at the park's coolness. It's part of the precambrian shield (left here by glaciers for our enjoyment) so there's a lot of magestic smooth rocks everywhere. Trees are able to grow in the super shallow soil because of the moss, which holds 16 times its weight in water (I read the placards on a hike). Anyway it's pretty. There was a really nice beach right near our site and the washrooms were reasonably close (though never close enough for the pregnant girls).

While camping for me usually involves lots of zoodles, kd, beans and spam, Kevin preferrs playing gourmet chef. We had (among other things) pancakes with homemade strawberry sauce, homemade bread, and a ham cooked right on the fire (and not one of those pre-cooked ones either). Everything turned out delish (even the ham, which I'm not the biggest fan of). Unfortunately most of the time I felt too pregnant to truly enjoy it (I had to buy beans and spam to satisfy a craving). I was really glad Becca was there to be preggers with me.

We did a lot of swimming and fishing. I think I was the only one fishing who didn't catch a fish (the fishes that were caught by others were too small to keep). I caught a turtle though. Twice. I think he was playing a game with me. I saw his little head come up right near the bobber then a minute later I had a bite. I reeled it in and yelled "Holy sh*t! It's the turtle." I didn't really hook him, he was just holding on and taking a ride. He let go before I got him, but that's okay since I wasn't really fishing for turtles anyway. I cast again, and again I saw his tiny head peaking out near my bobber. Here we go again, thought I, as a reeled in the mischievous turtle. I think he had a good time. He never did get my worm though.

Wednesday: Adam's birthday

I wanted to make my cuddly bear's birthday special. I made a cheese cake, with strawberry sauce (the strawberry sauce I learned how to make from Kevin on the camping trip, and I thought it would be tastey on cheese cake and I was right). For dinner I made corn, garlic bread, and cabbage rolls. I hate cabbage rolls, but they are Adam's favourite. I cheated and bought the frozen kind because I figured Longo's can make them better than I can. Adam loved everything (it's all about the food). For his present, I got him some motorolla walkie talkies. I knew he'd like them because they were expensive, and yet mostly useless. The range on them is supposed to be 16km, but it's probably closer to 2. He liked them anyway. This morning I was woken up to the sound of a walkie talkie sitting on my pillow going "hissss. Are you awake yet?"


My boss at the census enumerating place called and said I don't have to work tonight or ever. Though this means I'll have a lot less money than I anticipated, I'm taking this as a good thing. Apparently they got everything done yesterday (when I was home celebrating my hubby's b-day) and now there's no work at all. I find this difficult to believe, but then they keep changing their mind about stuff. Last week, they allowed everyone to take off the long weekend if they wanted it. When everyone did (duh) they threatened to close up the call centre. Now it seems they're closing up because we were too efficient and finished everything (we were supposed to work until the 21st). I'm glad it's over. About the only thing I'm bad at, and what I seem to keep having to do, is talking to people over the phone (especially when I have to sell, or convince people to do something). I'm getting better at it, because of all the unwanted practice, but I'll never be super talented at it or anything.

Today I also went with my mom to visit my grandmother. Omi was delighted to see us. I showed her my ultrasound photo, and an album of mine and Adam's baby pictures (we put that together for the wedding). She likes looking at photos, it's an alzeimer thing. Everytime I see her she asks me if I want to have a boy or a girl. I always say "a healthy baby", and she says that I'm very smart. She doesn't always remember when we visit, but she still remembers me, and tells me how nice my husband is and that I'm her favourite grandchild (unfortunately she often says this in front of my siblings and cousins).

Anyway, after we looked at photos, my mom put in My Big Fat Greek Wedding on her laptop. Unfortunately Omi's in a special bed now that's filled with air, and for some reason needs a loud fan to keep it inflated. Even with the volume turned right up on the laptop, we couldn't hear. The bed looks comfy though. Omi fell asleep and we left.


Mandy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

I like the sound of the pancakes with homemade strawberry sauce, and the homemade bread. I really need to learn how to make bread too lol

I had a look around your blog, and I must say congrats on being preggers! I had a peek at your lil blob too.. hehe.

Mandy :=)

Maritza said...

The cheesecake sounds yummy and I'm assuming that cabbage rolls are stuffed cabbage? What's zoodles? It's almost like you're from another country! (LOL)

Jenny said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy :)

Those walkie talkies sound cool; definitely something my husband would like, if they're anything like your description of 'expensive, yet mostly useless'!

Superhappyjen said...

maritza: What's zoodles? You poor deprived child. They're canned noodles in tomato sauce that are shaped like zoo animals. You know, for kids (and immature adults).

Caz said...

Jen, what a fun week you had! I worked, worked, worked, worked and worked some more! :P I did manage to start a new blog project though... Glasgow Daily Photo Blog.

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