Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scary Miscarriage Dream

I dreamt that when I woke up in the morning I was bleeding as if my period had just started. I guess I forgot I was pregnant because I threw on a maxi pad and didn't think about it.

Later I was out walking with my husband and it suddenly hit me: I shouldn't have my period, I'm pregnant! I turned to my husband and said "I have to go to the hospital right now!" My husband said "Okay" in that calm tone he always has when I'm freaking out.

In front of the hospital there was some event going on. Tonnes of people were hanging out in their bathing suits having some kind of beach party or something. We were on the wrong side of the hospital to get to the emergency room and it took us forever to get all the way around the people.

When I got into emergency there were all kinds of tables laid out and people were doing crafts and fundraising for something. My brother was there and he said "Hey Jen! You're here to help with the fundraiser!"

"No!" I screamed and told him to shut up. Then I felt bad for being mean, because he didn't know and was just being nice.

Some nurse piped in and said something like "Emergency is being used for the fundraiser today, you should go to--"

"No!" I cut her off. "This is emergency and I'm having an emergency! Help me! Save my baby!" I was crying now.

Finally a young doctor came. We sat down in what looked like a large craft closet. I told him about the bleeding and he asked when my due date was. "February 5th," I said and he started counting on his fingers to finger out how far along I was. "3 months!" I told him, getting frustrated.

The doctor said "No need to worry. There's less risk of miscarriage after 3 months."

"But I'm bleeding!" I said. "I shouldn't be bleeding. Aren't you going to examine me or sew me up or something?" But you could tell the doctor considered the visit over. GAH!

I woke up terrified that I was going to miscarry, but I checked and there was no blood so I think I'm okay.


Maritza said...

Oh just wait until you have the "two headed baby" dreams! That's when you dream your baby is a monster, human hairball, Tom Petty or David Hasselhoff, etc.

It's only natural, but it is scary and it does suck. It's just your subconscious fear creeping through. You'll be fine!

Super Happy Jen said...

Well I'd rather give birth to the 'Hoff than miscarry in the middle of a beach party.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sucks. I hate very realistic scary dreams. I have had several "husband cheating on me" dreams.

My friend's mom was pregnant when we were 17 and she dreamed she had a green baby (it may have had something to do with the fact that she is white and the father is black). So I drew her a picture of a green baby.

Maybe you need to do craft for a fundraiser in your bathing suit.

Carol said...

Oh no that is horrible Jen! I hope you're ok now - I know how realistically scary dreams can be. :( Keep in touch, I love hearing baby updates! :)

Super Happy Jen said...

I'm okay now, but all that morning I was worried. Now I'm more concerned with the fact that none of my shorts fit. GAH!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, how awful! But hey, you're okay and luckily it IS only a bad dream. You're bound to have all sorts of funny dreams throughout your pregnancy.. I've heard a lot of people are like that. Try not to let it worry you :=)


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