Saturday, October 07, 2006

Baby Kicks

Yesterday we went to Caroline Wiles' launch of her new CD "I'd Like to Know." Adam and I have been fans of hers since we saw her perform at Angela's Cave (owned by my Mom's friend Angela, also a fabulous singer). Anyway the baby was kicking through most of the performance. Either he really loves loud music with a nice beat, or he hates it. If you want to become a big fan of Caroline's too check out the sound bytes on her website.

Today I hung out with my best friend Amy and her sister Steph. I subjected them to my wedding video then we went out for dinner (with the husband) and watched a DVD of the Johnny Cash movie "Walk the Line." Again, my son either loves that movie, or hates it. Or maybe he wasn't paying any attention to it what so ever and was just using the time to practice his acrobatics.

He's not big enough yet to hurt me when he kicks, but he does think my bladder is a squeeze toy.

1 comment:

~Becca~ said...

I love when my baby Kicks!

Its a very welcome distraction from everday stuff

...except when it's for 15 minutes of every hour I intend to sleep, but even then adorable.

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