Saturday, October 28, 2006

Baby Show!

Today Adam and I went with my parents and my nephew to the Today's Parent Baby and Toddler Show in Toronto. We got all kinds of free baby stuff (wipes, formula, rash cream, etc.) and entered our name in a million draws for a million baby gift baskets. We also got lots of pamphlets teaching us new and exciting ways to blow all our money on things like freezer space for our kid's umbilical cord blood and videos to teach him how to read when he's 3 months old.

More importantly, we got a five minute demo of one of them newfangled 3D ultrasounds. Here is the souvenir pic:

For some reason this scan makes children look all gold and lumpy, but I think our son was the most adorable one there. Now the big question: who does he look like?


or me:

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Superhappyjen said...

Okay, I realise there's no poll anout who the baby looks like. I got an error when I tried to post one. Just post your answers in the comments section for the time being.

Lady S said...


~Becca~ said...

Hi Jen!

Sounds like you had alot of fun!

It looks like your son will have adams nose and brow line. But hard to tell eyes and cheecks and mouth :)

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