Saturday, October 14, 2006

Best Hat Ever

My father-in-law went to Vulcan and brought me back this supercool hat. It's hillarious that he would even go to Vulcan (which is in Alberta, what were you thinking?) because he thinks everything to do with science fiction or fantasy is "for kids."

So I have this cold and on Tuesday I was in night class, blowing my nose and feeling miserable. I left class early because my brain was all clogged with snot. Some women smoke crack all through their pregnancies, all I want is a Neo Citran. Anyway, I got home just before ten, all bummed out and stuffy.

It turned out my hubby had been over at his parents house and had brought back this hat. It made me happy. (No easy task). Next time I see my father-in-law I'm going to give him a great big hug.

BTW: Here's my most recent preggers belly shot:


Carol said...

Such a happy story about your new hat! :P And girlie, you look fab all pregnant and glowing lol. Really, you look great! And more importantly you look sooooo happy!!

Btw I finally got a photo blog up and running... Click here!

Stay happy and healthy!
Luv' Caz

~Becca~ said...

Hey Jen,

That belly just suddenly Appeared didn't it??

I already know I'll miss mine when it's gone.

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