Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Baby Dreams

I had two dreams last night related to babyness.

In one both me and my sister were about to give birth. Robin gave birth first to a boy named Tyler. It was like in the movies where the newborn looks like a five month old. Anyway Tyler was some sort of genius. He already knew some simple words and he had this chart where he could point to certain words and communicate that way. Adam came (you know because I was in labour) and asked if I was still pregnant. I said yes, but my sister had her baby. This all took place at my Mom's house.

In the other dream I went to the doctor's. Except instead of an office the appointment was in a car and there were two doctors. One was my regular family doctor, Dr. Jhirad, and the other was a trainee doctor. The trainee was handling the appointment and Dr. Jhirad kept poking his head in the car to see how the trainee was doing. I asked the trainee to check to see if I had a yeast infection and he got all flustered. Dr. Jhirad said that was the kind of thing we needed to do in the office. We went inside, but I lost track of where the doctors went and the place was ridiculously large. I sat down in a waiting room with overly fancy chairs. I had an ultrasound photo with me, but instead of being all grainy, it had a real picture of a baby (looked like Tyler from the previous dream). Some little girl came up to me in the waiting room and started talking to me about the photo. She asked if it was my ultrasound and I said no, it's just a picture of a baby. She said she liked how I incorporated the background. The girl's mother told her to stop bothering the nice lady.


Caz said...

Lol, dreams are just the funniest things! Don't you fin it fascinating how there are usually people you know or places you know in them? But clearly all mashed up into a funny anecdote? Lol.

Lady S said...

Dreams are great. It is always funny to me how the randomest things find their way into my dreams. Some times I dream about what I am hearing on the radio.

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