Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Best friends

William and I went down to St. Catharines today to hang out with Aedan and his Mom, Becca. Look at them being all chummy. Totally not posed. Really they just climbed up on the couch and put their arms around each other.

Anyway, going to St. Cath meant I had to drive Adam to work all the way in Mississauga then drive back the way I came and past Burlington to the end of the world. Then miss my exit and get lost in the worst city to get lost in in the universe (the streets are laid out in a diamond grid pattern). Then drive through torrential downpour and rush hour traffic at the end of the day to pick Adam up again. I have no concept of time whatsoever, but I would estimate that I did roughly 350 years of driving today.

But I had fun. Becca: move to Burlington!


Newfiechick said...

Next time you are in St. Catharines you should visit me...but then Adam would be stuck at work cause I don't get home till 6pm. :)

Super Happy Jen said...

update: as of yesterday evening (June 6) William sat up on his own.

Sylvia McNicoll said...

These two babies are the cutest!

Next time Becca should drive Adam to work...wait a minute.



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