Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's Alive! To jest Żywe!

Every day, Adam calls from work to tell me he's on his way home. Yesterday the call came from the Canadian Tire across the street. Our '99 Subaru Forester was overheating (no kidding, so was I!) and he had taken it in to be checked out. An hour and a half later the boys (and girls) at Canuck T told us that our jalopy needed a new (insert name of engine part here). Apparently, this widget is buried so deeply in the engine that, while the part isn't too costly, the labour is super duper expensive. Might as well get a new engine, so says the Canucks.

Cost of an engine and labour at Canadian Tire: approximately $7000
Total cost of the car when we bought it: approximately $7000

So you can see why we don't find this scenario cost effective. Luckily there's the Filipowicz garage (my in-laws' house). We've already saved a tonne of money using Adam's Dad as slave labour. Now he might be able to use his Subaru Frankenstein tricks to resurrect our monster for a more reasonable price.

Despite our Polish mafia connections, we will still need a new car one day. Or at least another old one.


Adam Filipowicz said...

The Head Gasket is Blown. I think we will just get another engine.. even if we replace the head gasket it will still be a weak worn out engine.

if we are going to fix. its best to invest a bit more and get it better and not just.. hey its running

Super Happy Jen said...

You're a head gasket.

Toryssa said...

Hurray for IL's that are car knowledgeable!

Good luck, I don't know what a head gasket is, but I have heard that they make your car really unhappy when they break.

Jay said...

Glad that your inlaws are good for something.


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