Friday, June 29, 2007

Congratulations Becky and Dave!

My kindergarten class is getting married off one by one. Today was Becky's turn. She and her husband Dave tied the knot in a medieval-style ceremony at Webster's Falls. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. Nothing but sunshine, and no sticky humidity.

Here's a shot of the happy couple with Becky's Mom:

And here's a shot of the whole wedding party:

And finally, here's a shot of Becky blowing out the candles on her wedding cake:

Okay, you got me. That last shot wasn't taken today. That was Becky's tenthish birthday party. (Guess who that is on the left?)

Every once in a while it hits me: Hey, I've known these people since kindergarten and now we're getting married and having babies! I didn't have a lot of friends in elementary school, but most of them are still my friends today. Craziness.

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Lady S said...

I wish I still had friends from elementary school. I have one from that time.

Hey, I gave you an award, stop by and find out why.

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