Monday, April 28, 2008

My inability to keep a secret

Lately Adam and I have been hoping to have another baby. Thus, with baby on the brain, I have the urge to take a pregnancy test every month just before my period arrives. Now those things are darn expensive. I've heard rumours that they can be purchased at the dollar store, but I've yet to find one with a family planning section. Anyway, I found a box at Zellers that came two in a package, so I felt I could test this month AND next month, every time I felt the urge. Well, the second one was a waste, because I took one this Friday morning and it came out PREGGERS.

Now last time I found out I was pregnant, I told everyone I knew three seconds later. All the baby books say to wait three months because before then your baby could disappear and you'd have to tell everyone the pregnancy is cancelled. I obviously don't think that will happen, but there's another drawback to telling people early. That is everyone thinks that you've been pregnant FOREVER. If most people tell at 3 months, then most people only have to wait 7 months for their friends to have a baby (yes, I realize that's 10 months. They lie about the 9 month thing). For this reason, Adam and I decided to wait until after we move, in June.

Secret keeping Day 1: Friday I went to the Early Years Centre and told none of my mommy friends.
Secret keeping Day 2: I hid my prenatal pills because I knew my brother and sister were coming over to babysit, but neglected to close where I had been browsing for name ideas. My brother noticed and teased me that I'm pregnant. I totally lied and said I was "naming a character."
Secret keeping Day 3: I went to my inlaws house and didn't tell anybody. Although my mother-in-law would later tell me "I was thinking that you were pregnant. Because you looked different in your face."
Secret keeping Day 4: Today. I talked to my Mom on the phone. She must have asked me "what's new?" six times but I evaded the question easily because she rarely gave me time to answer. Then I went to my parents house for dinner. My appetite was feeling a bit off and I made the mistake of saying so. This prompted my mother to ask "Are you pregnant?" Instead of a quick "no" (which would be the right answer for a secret-keeper) I blushed, and finally admited that, yes, I am pregnant. So 4 days is officially how long I can keep a secret. And now I'm telling the world (because I already told the McNicolls, which is pretty much the same thing).

Just a warning though.... I will be pregnant forever.


Caz said...

OMG Jen Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

Awww *teary* I'm over the moon for you, Adam and William!!! =D

So, do you have any idea how far along you are or when the baby's due? *dead excited*

Super Happy Jen said...

I have to check with the doctor but I'm thinking early January? Like I said...I'll be preggers forever.

zydeco fish said...

Wow. Congrats. Are you looking for suggested names? I might have a few to offer :-)

Caz said...

I'm intrigued Zydeco!

Betsy McB. said...

Hello Jen - Wow! A new baby, a possible summer wedding and the continuing adventures of William the one-year old..
So glad to read all your happy news.
XOXO Betsy (Kate's mom)

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