Friday, May 09, 2008

Science Centre

As I write this, William is pulling all the cards out of my wallet, and I don't have the energy to care.

Yesterday I went to the Ontario Science Centre with my nephew, my dad, and William. I was there to review an OMNIMAX movie for my sometimes freelance gig Today's Parent Toronto. Hunter was supposed to see it too, but he backed out at the last minute because he was too scared. This from a kid who watches all manner of violent productions (including my personal favourite Anakin Skywalker getting his arms and legs cut off) without blinking an eye. Apparently he draws the line at giant-screen documentaries. It's just as well since I had to leave half-way through the movie to puke. (No criticism of the film itself, just evidence of my delicate condition).

Later I chased William through the sports section of the Science Centre and William did some Olympic judging. In his button pushing gusto, he gave every performance 5 out of 5. I had some trouble trying to convince my son not to climb on some of the exhibits, especially the one you have to jump on to see if you can "land like a cat". Like a cat or not, I was sure he wouldn't like it if someone jumped on his head.

Anyway, I think most of my credit, debit and, ID cards are now under the living room rug.


zydeco fish said...

Is OMNIMAX like IMAX? I had the great misfortune of having to sit through a Bob the Builder movie at an IMAX. I wanted to puke, but I restrained myself.

Super Happy Jen said...

It's like IMAX (IMAX films are shown there) but instead of a flat screen, you have a dome screen so the picture surrounds you a lot more. I can't imagine Bob the Builder being projected on either IMAX or OMNIMAX. He seems like a small screen type of guy. Although perhaps I'm too old to appreciate a crowd of childlike construction equipment squealing "Yes we can!" in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Anonymous said...

I've lost the ability to care about how clean my apt is so I was happy to know another who occasionally gives up caring...CONGRATS ON THE NEW BABY!! I got the TSHIRTS and next weekend I'll have pictures for you..I gave my mom her's on mothers day but we forgot to take the picture...;-)Kate from Magazines Class

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