Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby's first photo

So we now have photo evidence of the blob growing inside of me. (The white blob growing inside the black blob is William's new brother or sister).
Getting an ultrasound should be an enjoyable experience. I mean, you get to see your baby, what fun! But, in the interest of preserving the torturous nature of medical procedures, they make you drink your weight in water before the test. This ensures an uncomfortably full bladder. The ultrasound tech then tests your pee-holding power by pressing down on your bladder with her magic ultrasound wand. All this time, you're laying back with the screen faced away from you, so only the tech can see your baby! At the last minute you can check out your little peanut, but by then you're like "chuck this, where's the washroom?"
I was surprised that they could see anything since the first time I went for a William ultrasound, it was too early to tell anything and the ultrasound tech basically made me feel like a dork for coming in at all. This one actually looks similar to the second time I saw William in utero. The tech said that I'm about two-months along, which seems about right. I should get an official meaningless due date when I go to the doctor on Tuesday. Then I can adjust the preggers ticker.


zydeco fish said...

Cool. Yes, the similarities are striking :-)

Becca said...

My bet - this baby will be here before 2009 :)

What an awsome pic to have!

Chinachix said...

hi jen...came across your blog after a long spell. congratulations on your pregnancy!

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