Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Super Happy Fans

My biggest fans Kate and her Mom, just sent me this picture of them wearing their Super Happy Fan T-shirts. You too can purchase one here. I think the dog needs one too. I assume the pooch is in the picture because he is a big Super Happy Fan as well. Wow, a dog who can read and use the internet. You guys must be so proud!

This picture brightened my day because lately I've been feeling all pregnant and gross. It's not fair, you feel the most pregnant when you're not even showing yet, and nobody pities you at all. Later, when you have a nice preggers belly and are feeling fabulous, everyone starts opening doors for you and offering you somewhere to sit. I went to the doctor's yesterday, but because of the long weekend, he hadn't received my ultrasound pics yet and couldn't give me a due date. (The doctor's office is in the same building as the ultrasound place, so apparently it takes them 4 days to carry a file up a flight of stairs). Instead I got the fun of having my vagina poked and swabbed.

In other news, it's my favourite (also my only) brother's birthday today. This means we're all going to dinner tonight at my parents and having cake with little peanut butter bears on top (Craig's favourite). Not having to make dinner makes me super happy. This also reminds me that I'm looking forward to my brother's wedding in August. (Yes, this August, they're speedy, what can I tell you?)


Betsy said...

So...there was surprise and joy when I saw KT's pic on your blog a month or so ago - TODAY, when I looked in, and saw KT and me, myself and I looking back (oh, and of course, Super Happy Fan Dog, Duncan)- there are no words that could describe my excitement! There was a bonus, of course, knowing that Kate's contribution made your day a little better!
Give William a kiss from all of us. XOXO Betsy McB.

zydeco fish said...

Do the shirts come in baby sizes?

Super Happy Jen said...

Yes you can get them in baby and kids sizes.

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