Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hyde and Jekyl

Naughty things my son did today (not including random tantrums):

-pulled the sugar bowl off the kitchen counter and proceeded to eat large quantities of sugar off the floor.
-used a pen to colour on a recently printed photo.
-climbed onto Daddy's desk chair and played with his very expensive camera and flash.
-purposely spit water all over himself.
-tried to swing on Jadzia's baby swing even though the chair has been removed to prevent just that.
-somehow got hold of my dried dill and sprinkled almost the entire jar on the floor.

Good things my son did today:

-put his blocks away in their bin without even being asked
-finished all his kraft dinner and did not throw the bowl on the floor.
-went down for a nap without too much fuss.
-helped me empty the dishwasher


Betsy McB. said...

When my kids were little someone told me being a parent was 90% hard work and 10% pure joy and the great thing was that the joy made up for all the work. Sounds like William was testing that principle today!

Super Happy Jen said...

Oh Betsy that is so true

Super Happy Jen said...

I should mention also that after I wrote this entry William got into the garbage and respilt the dill that I had swept up. Luckily, this time daddy was home to clean up.

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