Monday, February 16, 2009

I see bugs!

After a thorough scouring of the internet, my husband found that the perfect activity for Family Day (and also the only thing open) was visiting the "Backyard Monsters" exhibit at the Royal Botanical Gardens, featuring both live insects and giant (somewhat cheesey) animatronic bugs. "I see bugs. I see bugs!" William repeated over and over form the time we ran the idea past him.

While we were there William thoroughly enjoyed running around pushing every button pushable, and excitedly pointing out every bug illustration, animatronic, and live creature there was to be seen, held, or petted. We even got to eat some insects. Further proof that my son is not a picky eater. While everyone else either passed on the chocolate covered crickets, or very cautiously sampled one, William chowed down on about a dozen. Then, when he was told to leave some for everyone else, he exclaimed "No! I want candy!"

Before you ask, yes I did try a cricket. The insect didn't really add any particular flavour to the chocolate, but it was very crunchy. Pretty much what you'd expect from a bug that's been sitting in semi-sweet chocolate. I passed on seconds.

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