Monday, February 02, 2009

Ten minor events.

I haven't posted in a while.  My life it made up of a series of small events, none of which are important enough to warrant a full blog entry.  Here's ten of them:

1. I drove to St. Catharines in a snowstorm just to visit my friend for a playdate.  On the way there I got stuck behind a fleet of show plows.
2. On the way back the car in front of me hit a patch of ice and lost control.  It was a pickup truck towing a trailer.  It ended up taking up all three lanes.   Luckily there was noone on either side of us, and I was far enough back that I was able to stop without any trouble.  I was sure someone would hit us from behind so I reached for my hazard lights, and turned off the defroster instead! It could have easily been a disaster worthy of the evening news.  Of course the kids slept through it.
3. I went to William's friend Aedan's 2nd birthday party.  Pizza and cheesebread and cupcakes were enjoyed by all.
4.  I ran into one of my high school math teachers at the Early Years Centre.  He was there with his grandkids and he recognized me even though it's been over a decade since I was in his class.
5. We've been having an ice-damming problem, where a whole bunch of ice on our roof is making the roof leak.  I first noticed water coming into the laundry room and thought the washing machine or the pipes must be leaking.  Then I noticed the carpet in Jadzia's room (directly above the laundry) had a damp carpet.  The icicles outside that side of the house were as long and as thick as my arm, maybe even bigger.
6. My husband cleared off a lot of the ice and made a path for the water to drain off the roof by filling pantyhose with road salt, something he read about on the good old internet.  That trick worked for about a day.  Now he's working on installing a heating coil.  There's still ice up there, but for now there's no leaking going on that I can see.
7.  William has started telling me when he has to go potty.  Unfortunately, he usually tells me after he's already gone in his pants.
8. As I was typing this entry, William, who up until that moment had been quietly watching tv, suddenly and loudly banged his face on the coffee table.  A lot of screaming, a little blood, and a fat lip.  As I was comforting him with hugs, a cold glass of water and a snack, Jadzia woke up and wanted to nurse.
9. William's favourite movie is Pixar's Cars, which Santa bought him for Christmas.  Even though we've only owned it for a month, I could probably recite the whole thing word for word. While I was nursing Jadzia in her room just now, William came in, wagged his finger at me and said "You come watch Cars!"
10.  Adam took some gorgeous pics of Jadzia smiling yesterday.  Here's one of them:

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zydeco fish said...

Ah, #7. It's a beginning.

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