Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nice to have friends

I had a great morning.  I met my friend Columbia (William's future mother-in-law) at the Early Years, and we took our kids over to ikea for lunch and a romp around the toy section. I don't have a million friends, and I have even fewer that understand the unique experience of parenting a toddler.

Lucky I got my adult social time in early, because the moment I got home my husband called to say that he's going to be late tonight.  Of course this means I'll be going to my Mom's for dinner. 


Anonymous said...

Wow I feel so cool. I was included in a blog. You forgot to mention how absolutely sexy I look at all times. With pee of my daughter on my leg and baby spit up on the shoulder. Zoe peed on me on the way home. It's my new smell. Urine. You don't have to be a crazy person to wear it now it 's great for Mom's too.

When are we going to Karaoke?


Super Happy Jen said...

You do look sexy at all times. Do you find that Zoe's pee smells more like adult pee now? William's does.

Karaoke, Wed, Fri, or Sat?

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