Friday, June 26, 2009

Jadzia's First Non-Boob Breakfast

A momentous event, not to be overshadowed by the deaths of a pop icon and a Charlie's angel: Jadzia's first breakfast! That's right, she tried rice cereal, her first non-mommy-milk food. When William first tried cereal, back in the day, I was a little worried about him going off the boob and not needing me anymore. With Ms. J I don't really feel that way because, being an experienced mother, I know that children continue to be quite attached to their Mommies, long after they stop nursing.

I would have uploaded this video this morning but youtube was taking forever and being glitchy. My Mom told me that the internet was busy with people downloading Micheal Jackson stuff. I'm not saying that isn't true (she heard it on the radio), I just don't see how that could possibly make sense.

1 comment:

Columbia Thorndale said...

just watched 5 mins of cereal fun. Now I'm hungry.

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