Monday, July 06, 2009

Adam's 2nd Annual Birthday Barbecue Pool Party

As my husband was leaving for work today he said "Don't forget to write a blog entry about the pool party yesterday and how great I am."

So what can I say? It's wonderful to have friends. Old friends, new friends, Mommy friends, toddler friends, family who are also friends, friends who have become family, friends who I haven't seen in a while, friends who I see every week, were all hanging out in my yard, in my pool, eating food that my fabulous husband barbecued.

Yes it was Adam's birthday, but we put him to work anyway, cooking burgers and Polish sausages, and shish kabobs. Grilling pineapples, and passing out handfuls of strawberries and cherries. The invite said noon until ten, so guests came in waves, the second wave arriving as the first wave left. I made a birthday cake (well, two birthday cakes) and when I asked it anyone wanted seconds almost everyone raised their hands.

Unfortunately midway through the party William started to feel sick and I had to switch out of party mode and into Mommy mode. All he wanted to do was whine and cuddle with me and nearly fall asleep in my arms. Sadly it was at this time that all his little toddler friends were there to play. At one point Leyla, a beautiful curly-haired girl who is remarkably articulate for a two-and-a-half year old, came up to us and said "William, will you come play with me?" So precious, but we had to decline.

Shortly afterward, William puked all over me and we took a quick bath together (I was already in my bathing suit). When I say quick, I mean very quick, as there was still a party going on and we only have one bathroom. I put him to bed and rejoined the party.

Back in party mode but many of the guests had left, or were about to leave. My parents and in-laws stayed the whole time though and we started a splashingfest across our above-ground pool, largely instigated by my mother-in-law who didn't bring a bathing suit but got soaking wet anyway. William started to feel better after his nap and joined in the splashing. He even felt well enough to eat an entire pint of strawberries for dinner.

The party didn't quite make it until ten, which was good, because we were all tired. Not too tired, of course, to try out the Wii Fit that I bought Adam for his birthday. The balance board weighed us and tested us. We both were given Wii ages in our forties but we were happy because, though overweight, we were both lighter than we thought we were.

On the whole a great day with great friends, great family (including poor sick William because it's kind of nice when he's all cuddly), and a great husband.


Columbia Thorndale said...

Thank you for having us. We had a great time. The food was amazing. Zoe was very sad that William didn't want to play. She was not in happy party mood.

Super Happy Jen said...

Zoe left her doll (I think it is hers). Don't worry, we are taking good care of her.

Columbia Thorndale said...

Baby Ella. It's hers. The feet have pen all over them from decorating her. Plus her body has some interesting ice cream stains. Mmmmm Ice cream.

Cara said...

Thanks for the fun party and swim. We loved the whirlpool. I'm glad William is feeling better.

Carol said...

Jen, we have to try and get over next year!! =D Btw the Wii Fit - amazing! I love ours! We should definately link up our machines and get each others Mii's on our systems. You should also get Mario Kart. *addicted* We can play that online too!

Adam Filipowicz said...

we have mario kart!

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