Thursday, July 02, 2009

Baby John's Welcome Shin-dig

I just went to a playdate/baby shower at my friend Columbia's house. 2 babies, 3 women, 3 toddlers, and a twelve-year-old. Officially, we were welcoming our friend Jessica's new baby John to the world (he's a month old and makes Jadzia look like a giant), but for some reason he didn't seem to notice there was a party going on at all.

You might imagine that many toddlers would be less relaxing than only one toddler, but I find the opposite to be true. It's nice to have friends who occupy the same circle of hell as you do. Not that having children is hell, there is much joy. I'm just glad it was someone else's child who got nail polish on the couch (because it could just have easily been mine).

We did trash Columbia's place a bit. I tried to help tidy up, but I have dyspurgatia (like dyslexia, only with cleaning and yes, I made that word up). Everyone's coming to my house for a bbq on the weekend, though, so I'll get my pay back.

Thanks Columbia, you're amazing.


Anonymous said...

I am going to use that word now.

Columbia Thorndale said...

This is the best blog entry ever. Why because I was mentioned. I really feel your writing is based to much on your family and not enough on the wonderful, amazing me.

Can't wait to see you Sunday. I know you have a amazing futon couch that needs some nail polish to be added to it. Wah Ha Ha... I'll just blame a toddler they get away with anything.

***** To Jen's Readers

Jen forgot to mention I went to my daughters room where I took a big breath and was told by William it's ok and then he hugged me. It was so sweet and exactly what I needed my stress went right down and any mess didn't seem important at all...hmmm... as much.

Super Happy Jen said...

I do love William when he's good. The best thing about kids is not so much what they do, but that they do it with no ulterier motive, no self-consciousness, and very little forward thinking. They can melt your heart, or make you tear your hair out, instantly, then go back to playing with cars as if nothing happened.

Sylvia McNicoll said...

They have amazing treatments for dispurgia now a days. Never give up Jen.

Oh honestly, how can anyone clean up with little kids running around. When you need sanity, get pawn them off on someone and then clean.

Betsy said...

Hey Jen, This event brought back lots of happy memories of the many, many La Leche League meetings that I attended - sometimes with three little ones in tow. I looked forward to some (never uninterrupted!) adult conversation...and Katie, Jamie and Dan looked forward to a whole new collection of kids and toys! To this day they could probably still tell you the best toy at any of several homes where the get togethers took place!
Savour these experiences. Now, for me, it seems as if thirty years went by in the blink of an eye.
XOXO Betsy (Kate McB./Mills's Mom)

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