Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roughing it

When I first saw "computer" on Mom's packing list, right alongside "marshmallows" and "sleeping bags", I laughed. That is so not camping. Now, here I am, sitting outside in our fold-out camping chair, trying to tune out conversations about firewood, enjoying the fresh air, and blogging.

Adam says that using a computer while camping is "lame" and "defeats the purpose of going camping." He also objects to my Mom's electric frying pan. His humungous expensive camera, along with multiple lenses and tripod, is okay because it is vacation technology.

To come: A full entry on the trip, along with a 30-40 second video of my Dad and husband talking about their toys.


Columbia Thorndale said...

Very Jealous still of the camping trip. I wish I was there. Maybe I could of snuck there dressed in a bear outfit with Zoe as my cub. No one would of noticed. Your next trip maybe

Cara said...

Live reporting. I love it. Enjoy! And I hope the mosquitoes can't find you.

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