Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy Rolph's

Since my in-laws moved to Niagara Falls, we've been looking for things to do in the area when we go for Sunday dinner.  This morning I found an article called "Top 6 Fun Free Things to Do with Kids Near Niagara Falls" which totally goes along with my pay-as-little-as-possible philosophy.  Number 1 on the list was "Happy Rolph's Bird Sanctuary" which boasted a petting zoo among other things. 

When we got there it turned out that most of the animals were gone because of a dispute with the farmer.  But there were plenty of rabbits, chickens and ducks to amuse us.  The chickens came in all different types, some white and fluffy, some speckled.  The bunnies came in all sizes and shared a pen with a family of ducklings. 

We walked down the path a little (Jadzia insisted on pushing her own stroller) where we came to a pond with some more ducks.  While throwing food for the ducks, we discovered that the water was also full of catfish and koi, who apparently also love seeds and breadcrumbs. 

I was excited to spot a small turtle, until I realized that there was a larger and far more impressive turtle just under the surface of the water, who poked his head out every so ofter to snag a breadcrumb (because we all know that bread is the universal food for all animals).

The path took us down to the lake, where William was a little obsessed with throwing rocks in the water.  We looped around and came back to a fun-looking playground, where Jadzia impressed the in-laws with her climbing skills, and William showed off his Spiderman sandals to all the big kids.

We all declared it a pretty fabulous park, despite the empty animal pens.

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