Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tried the Infamous Deep-Fried Butter

It's been all over the newpapers and radio that the CNE is now selling deep-fried butter at one of their food stands.  It laughs in the face of health-conscious Canadians and is held up as a symbol of supreme gluttony.  Obviously I had to try it. 

We waited in an unbelievably slow line-up (the little butter balls take about twice as long to cook as they do to eat) before we were presented four, slightly smaller than timbit-sized, batter balls drizzled very sparcely with different flavours of sweet sauce ($5).  Biting into one, I discovered that it was hollow.  I had wondered before hand what keeps the butter from melting.  The answer: Nothing!  The health-offensive butter had almost completely evaporated.  I pronounce the deep-fried butter okay, but certainly not worth all the hoopla.

We also ordered a deep fried Mars bar ($5), which is made by putting the famed candybar on a stick, dipping it in batter, and then cooking it in hot oil (obviously).  The result looks like a corn-dog but instead of a hotdog inside, there's ooey gooey melted chocolate!  This one I would recommend.

Noone was brave enough to try the bacon dipped in chocolate, which just seemed wrong.

Of course we saw other stuff at the CNE, so here are some pics from the day which need no other explanation:

  BTW: My brother Craig and his family (Eireann and Baby Violet), came with us which at least quadrupled our fun-times.


Columbia Thorndale said...

Mmmmmm....... bacon and chocolate. I would try it

Cara said...

I think I would try the bacon too.

Natalie and Mark said...

Yuk!!! Ewwww... so sooo wrong!!!

Sylvia McNicoll said...

Deep fried ice cream features unmelted icecream, I wonder if they made that butter wrong. Where's the photos of Violet?

Super Happy Jen said...

Natalie: What do you find gross? The bacon with chocolate? The deep fried butter? The semen tank?

Mom: Second photo from the bottom is of Violet. I would have taken her picture eating deep-fried butter, but she's not on solids yet.

Anonymous said...

You answered all my deep fried butter related questions! Now I don't need to try it.

Carol said...

Deep fried mars bars are a Scottish delicacy lol. Not even kidding. And yeah I think they made the butter wrong since ice cream remains solid. Great day out all the same!


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