Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The long bike home

Today I was meeting my friend Columbia at the Aldershot drop-in (the plaza next to Ikea, for those of you who know where that is) and I got the bright idea that I could bike there as part of my new healthy lifestyle.  According to Google, that meant a journey of 7.1 kilometres.  On the way there, I barely broke a sweat (although I did sweat a little because it's friggin' HOT). 

Everyone at the Early Years was pretty impressed that I had used my own womanly powers to get there, especially since they had cancelled the park program because of a heat advisory.  I was feeling pretty proud of myself.  Of course, I had only completely the downhill portion of the journey, but I had crossed enough construction sites and highway on-ramps that I was already thinking this was probably a bad idea.

After some arm-twisting I convinced Columbia to come with me to see a movie, which meant a nice long break in my 7.1-kilometre, uphill journey home.  We walked to the theatre (Columbia didn't have a bike with her) and both agreed that it was probably too hot for walking to be a good idea.  We saw Toy Story 3, which I've seen before, but which was more enticing (and at a better time) than Cats & Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore.  Since it was afternoon on a Wednesday, we pretty much had the entire theatre to ourselves.

Afterwards I left Columbia and biked up the side of a mountain, otherwise known as Brant Street.   Brant Street is a never-ending sidewalk.  There are a couple places a dip in the hill creates the illusion that there may be downhill ahead, but this is a cruel trick of the eye.  Sweaty and exhausted, I stopped at the bank to cash a cheque and soak in their air conditioning.  The kindly bank teller filled up my water bottle (because the water I had tasted like a bath).  Thanks bank-teller Jeff!

I was pretty close to my Mom's house by this point so I travelled up the worstest uphill sidewalk in the history of mankind to Cavendish.  My parents weren't home.  I considered using my spare key to partake in free air conditioning, but the kids were asleep by this point and I was not motivated to make any attempt to manoeuvre the stroller into the house.  Instead, I hung out on my parents front lawn, enjoying the exquisite bliss that comes with not moving at all.   

The way home from Mom's is down hill so once I got back on the bike, I enjoyed a fun slide down Cavendish, my speed limited only by my nerve.

William stayed asleep when I transferred him from the stroller to bed, but Jadzia did not.  Since my daughter looked about as sweaty and uncomfortable as I felt, we took a shower together.  Now I feel squeaky clean (but she, unfortunately, is already covered in marker again).


Cara said...

Wow! What a workout and afternoon!

Anonymous said...

just look at the type of advertisers you're attracting now! Ha! Fit singles. Wonder who will advertise if you drag Adam along.

Becca said...

2 words.

You're insane!

zydeco fish said...

That's good going. It's been a killer cycling in this heat.

Mark said...

Hi Jen, I just started my own blog about Happiness and I saw yours. Maybe we can link blogs or something? This isn't spam. My blog is If you want to link blogs email me at and we can discuss it!

Mordoz Cookie Lord said...

Jadzia? Oh wow that is freaking awesome! Ha-ha! I love it! That name always struck me as awesome on the show. (I kind of had a crush on that character lol)

One of the few I actually liked. And to name your kid after that character, genius! Oh I'm also a regular visitor in lazylaces (Mordoz Cookie Lord) and often see your fun comments there. I always found you to be a fun person and remind me of my high school friends back in the day.

If you like, I am starting a blog called Happy Little Planet

It has only one post so far, but I hope to add much more! It's all about how to make the world happier by making each of our little patches of habitat a bit greener :)

With your permission, I would love to add a link to your blog for my blog.

P.S. - The street names where you live I find very awesome. We only had boring names like Lake Ave. or Pine St. ..dullsville. Cavendish...rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Fun fun fun! :D

Super Happy Jen said...

Wow, everyone's trying to link to my blog. I must be becoming some kind of revered on-line personality.

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