Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ontario Place with the gang

On Thursday we went to Ontario Place as part of a Fisher Price media day.  My Mom works for Today's Parent Toronto, so we sometimes get to go to these shindigs where we are given free stuff in the hopes that we'll write about their merchandise.  Anyway, me, my kids, my mom, and my nephew all got to go to Ontario Place to try out Fisher Price toys.  The kids spent an hour or two playing with the various toys.  Some favourites were this fridge, this car thing, and this other car thing.

While Hunter and William went to play on this ridiculous climber thing across from FP (that William was slightly too short for but they let him on anyway).  Jadzia and I played some more with the toys.  She walked this Fisher Price dog around the room.  Then we saw Toopy and Binoo on a nearby stage and we all stopped what we were doing to run outside and watch.

Next, William and Hunter took "driving school", another ride that William just almost made the height requirement for.  Basically a bunch of kid-sized cars on a road, with traffic lights and the whole bit.  William did as well as the big kids (and better than some) and you could tell by his face that this was serious business for him. 

By the time Hunter and William had gotten their driver's licences it was pouring rain, so we high-tailed it to the big round thingie to watch a random IMAX movie.  It turned out to be a sequence of clips taking place north of superior, which lasted forty-five minutes and was cleverly titled "North of Superior".  Jadzia loved it, but William kept covering his ears during lots of loud parts.

After the movie, we were on our way to the water park when we spotted a band-aid truck where we made our own version of the band-aid jingle (see above and also here).  Apparently, if everone goes back to that link on August 31st and votes for us, we could win a Johnson and Johnson prize pack, whatever that means.  My kid's refuse to wear band-aids on their boo-boos (or accept any form of first aid) which could explain why they are not actually singing in the video.

The highlight of my day were the water slides, which I haven't been on for about 5 years.  It was so much fun to ride a double-tube with my nephew and chat about which water slide we liked best (the pink one for its speed, and the purple one for the darkness and the fact you get to ride double).  One of the slides, a blue one that has giant tubes made for six people, was fairly tame so we ran to get William to see if he met the height requirements.  As usual, he came just short, but the girl at the bottom said it was probably fine.  We took him up, but he really was too short.  The girl at the top told us that she would let us go down once, but to please not bring him up again.  William loved the slide and was beaming and laughing all the way down, mostly I think just excited to be among the big kids.  Meanwhile, Jadzia had a blast in the kid's splash area, where William barely got wet because he was nervous about a giant bucket of water that would tip over and soak people every so often.

After the water park, Hunter and I made a quick stop at the Wilderness Adventure Ride, a cheesey log ride that hasn't changed since I was a kid.  The spiderwebs are still on the moose's butt.  There was no line up at all, and we got a log all to ourselves.  Woosh!

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