Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interviewing for my Oscar Moment

For those of you who are wondering, I still don't know who won Creative Burlington's illustrious award for literary artist of the year.  I'll find out on February 3rd.  In the meantime, they video interviewed me.  The idea is for them to have a nifty video for each of the finalists so they can be introduced Oscar-style at the fancy awards night. 

So a few days before my interview, I got a tickle in my throat.  Then William got sick too and spent three days on the couch watching tv and refusing to eat anything (he also vomited each day at precisely 6 o'clock).  It's my own fault really.  When a friend of mine (hi Natalie) came to my door and told me her kids were all snotty but could she please bring them in to play anyway, I totally let her come in and spread her germies.  Well I learned my lesson!

Anyway, yesterday I went with my Mom to the Creative Burlington office (a tiny building on Lakeshore) to have our interviews taped.  By this time I had a phlegmy cough, froggy voice, and was feeling slightly nauseous.  The lady who greeted me asked if I was "one of them or just along for the ride."  I thought to myself, if I she doesn't know me, I must not be the winner.  I should have said something witty and clever, but instead I whined "I'm one of them" like a grade-school student being forced to play dodgeball.

My Mom went first.  I watched her being filmed and she answered all the questions and looked and sounded very professional.  Next it was my turn.  My Mom left so I wouldn't be nervous. Sitting in the chair was way different than watching my Mom sit in the chair.  All the lights were on me, and each light was as bright as the sun.  I squinted for a few minutes then one of the video people "Sarah" gave me a mic to put on.  I had to feed a wire up under my shirt, and snap a battery pack to my butt.

I won't repeat the questions and answers because I'm sure you're all going to spend $65 to see the awards show and will see the finished video then. I will say that I managed to get through it all without coughing.  Huzzah! At the end of the interview I read some of my work, so they could splice that in too. We were told to prepare a minute of work, which is not quite a page of text. When you're writing a novel, even one as short as mine, one page is nothing.  But I chose a scene that would knock your socks off.  I hope the end product isn't too embarrassing.

I'm always sick when I have to be on camera.  I had a cold when I did this thing too, but everyone said I was fabulous anyway.

Anyway, I already won something: an Arts Matter T-shirt.

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Five Star Nat said...

I know I feel pretty bad. I'm guessing that one way or another everyone was going to get this stupid bug. Tons of kids and teacher at Mark's school have been sick and so I think I'm going to throw the ball back to him because he didn't get sick so he must have been the carrier. But it sounds like William had it worse because you saw my kids at their worst they were just snotty. But I'm really sorry that you guys got sick. It sucks! But I know you'll look awesome at your awards.

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