Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Golden Arches

I just entered this contest from McDonald's:
McDonald’s® All-Access Moms, presented by CityLine and hosted by Nanny Robina, are inviting Canadian mommy bloggers* for a chance to get a first-hand look behind-the-scenes at the Golden Arches to learn the truth about McDonald’s restaurants and the food it serves. McDonald’s All-Access Moms will have the chance to ask the hard-hitting questions on every parent’s mind and delve deeper into the quality of food sourcing and preparation at McDonald’s restaurants. At the same time, these moms will be blogging candidly about their experiences and sharing their thoughts with parents across the country.
I've seen the movie Supersize me, but since I'm not a vegan and don't work for PETA, I'm not sure how "hard-hitting" I would be.  I decided to enter anyway.  I filled out the online form, copied and pasted a sample blog entry, and answered some questions about my family and our mealtime traditions.  The most difficult part was making a video explaining why I should be chosen.  How do you say anything on camera in only 30 seconds?  Here is my attempt:

And here's another video I made to explain the last one.  (Actually I recorded it because Jadzia began screaming as soon as I stopped recording her):

Wish me luck.


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