Monday, June 27, 2011


Today I strapped my kids into my chariot and rode to the nearby dress shop to buy the dress I'll be wearing to my sister's wedding. Since they were so good, quietly playing lego in front of the fitting rooms, that I took William and Jadzia to the dollarstore to choose a toy.  After running through the aisles, rolling balls across the floor, and deliberating over several options, William chose a bow and arrow and Jadzia chose a monkey with cymbals and candy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the backyard.  We put on our swimsuits and ran through the sprinkler until a mudpuddle formed in the middle of the lawn.  We blew bubbles after that.  Jadzia ran after the largest ones gleefully exclaiming "Big Big Bubbles!"  William shot some with arrows. 

Since I told William he couldn't shoot his bow indoors, he wanted to stay outside long after the rest of us were tired, bored, and hungry. He attempted to climb the slide using the suction cups on his arrows, breaking one in the process.  Eventually I convinced everyone to come inside.  Okay, I dragged everyone in.

It was a productive day.

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