Thursday, June 02, 2011

William the Scholar

My son is awesome at building with lego, and playing video games.  He has the uncanny ability to say the most insightful things, and hold his own in discussions of life and death, evolution, astronomy and the possibility of extra terrestrial life.  However, he is notorious for his unwillingness to put crayon to paper.  While his sister colours on every available surface, William has only recently (and only occasionally) let go of his perfectionist tendancies long enough to attempt a happy face or racecar (the latter often followed by the remark "This is not actually a very good racecar. Can you do it?") .

So a couple of days ago when I bought a kindergarten printing book at the dollar store, I had very low expectations.  I showed it to him, but I didn't even suggest we try it.  Imagine my surprise then, when today I saw this:

He got out a marker and started filling out the book all by himself.  He did most of the capital letters and then went on to the small letters, at which point he declared "I'm not very good at the small letters."  I told him he was doing fabulously, but his standards for himself are much higher than the standards of others.  He takes after me that way.

And yes, he is left-handed.  How cool is that?


Becca said...

Way to go William! You should grab one of the wipe off dry erase ones, I bet he would love it!

Aedan's confidence only comes on chalk and his white board where he can promptly erase something he doesn't like.

Cara said...

He's left-handed. I had no idea! Awesome tactic not asking him to do it too, just making it available.

My kid's a bit of perfectionist too...she scratches out lots and starts over. Or she'll ask me to draw it, and if she doesn't like it, she'll crumple it up too. Maybe it's the age?

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