Thursday, October 06, 2011

I won!

My first time entering the #HumpDayChallenge, a flash fiction contest over at Tracy's Tavern and I won!  The prize: bragging rights and a cute picture to display on my blog.

The challenge: use these words in a 100-word story: labor, corrupt, horseradish, aces, and turf.

So of course this is where my mind went:

The queen spreads her six legs in a starburst before me. Her vulva smells of horseradish. Despite her cruel and corrupt regime, I pity her vulnerability. For the first time, I don’t envy the mothers of our race. She contracts her muscles to turf the first egg from her womb. I catch it with my outstretched mandibles, letting the rest smash against the stone ground. As her labor nears its end, I thrust my pincer through her quivering body, bathing myself in her yellowish blood. She’ll never know why her aces turned against her.

Labour without the "u" looks wrong to me.  Also, I thought the use of "aces" was a little forced, and I have no idea why alien bugs would know what horseradish smells like, but that doesn't matter.  Winning is the important thing. 

Voting is important too.  So if you live in Ontario, and you haven't already, please vote today.  There's still time!


Sylvia McNicoll said...

That's a gripping paragraph. I can see why you won.

Columbia Thorndale said...

I'm proud of you

Cara said...

Very nice! Bravo!

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