Friday, October 14, 2011

Muppet Dream (Scenes unlikely to appear in the next movie)

I don't remember my dreams a lot but when I do I like to write them down and share them.  Indulge me:

I was in the Muppet movie.  The dream began with a typical Muppet scenario, a man behind a desk told Kermit and his friends that he couldn't loan them any money and made a point of telling them that they now had ZERO funds. Disappointed, the Muppets and I went outside into the rain.  Standing in a field of flowers, I bent over to hug Kermit.  With tears in my eyes I told him that I loved him and that it would be okay.  "It's okay right now," he said.

What followed was a scene that I am pretty sure will not be in the upcoming Muppet movie.  The Muppets spotted a playground on the other side of the field.  Though it was rainy and dark, they eagerly ran towards it.  There were people hiding in the shadows, wearing bunny and chipmunk costumes. They attacked the Muppets.  I was on the ground, under the play structure, defending Kermit against a young woman with a sharp kitchen knife. She sliced up my skin pretty bad, and made a diagonal gash across the palm of my hand before I was able to grab the knife.  I threw it and the blade stuck into the trunk of a tree.

After that I was able to overpower her easily.  It turned out the woman was a troubled youth, who the Muppets took pity on.  They allowed her to stay on the couch in their apartment, which was crowded and disorganized as only a Muppets' residence can be.


Arlee Bird said...

That's a great dream and you recounted the events vividly and in a very entertaining manner. That's how I like to record my dreams as well.

Have you thought about the meaning? Since the symbols would be your own pertaining to your mind, you are the best person to decipher the meaning.

I loved the tender relationship you had with Kermit and how you came to his defense. And the kindness shown to the poor girl by the Muppets is very sweet. This is a wonderful dream story.

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Arlee Bird said...
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Super Happy Jen said...

@Arlee Bird

As far as meaning I've thought the Muppets' financial woes might have to do with my own anxiety about money. Also I've seen a lot of ads for the Muppet Movie recently, so they were bound to turn up in my dreams. Lately I've been feeling powerless, so in the dreamworld I was someone brave and strong enough to take on a knife wielding attacker.

Also, I've never been that into Kermit (more a Miss Piggy and Gonzo fan) but this dream made me want to buy a stuffed Kermit toy so I can cuddle with it.

Arlee Bird said...

Great interpretation that makes absolute sense. I've always liked Kermit and the whole Muppet gang.

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