Saturday, October 23, 2004


In my dream I was a small boy of about eight. My parents and I were running from someone. We thought we'd have a better chance if we split up. We had to get to Luxenburg. I went the wrong way on the stairs and missed the train. For some reason I had to give my wallet to a chubby black man in order to get to the bus. When I got to the bus I realized I had no money so I tried to bow my head and get by the driver. She was going to let me on anyway because she saw my train ticket but I had to show my driver's licence. I went back inside to get my wallet. There were hundreds of identically dressed people in chairs facing forward. The black man was among them. He mimed that I needed my wallet. I nodded and he got it for me. When I got back to the bus there was a tv screen on the side of it that said there was a plague emergency that the bus had to respond to. It started to leave without me. I jumped on the side of the bus and held on. Eventually the bus driver stopped and let me in. By this time I was myself.

Some odd things about this dream:
  • To my knowledge, I have never dreamt I was someone else before. I didn't recognize the eight-year-old or his parents.
  • What eight-year-old has a drivers licence? This seemed perfectly normal in my dream and became a non-issue since by the time it got time to show my licence I was myself (though even when I was the eight-year-old the wallet I recognized as my own).
  • I know nothing about Luxenburg other than it must be somewhere in Europe (because of the German sounding name). I have no idea why I would dream that I needed to get there. I looked it up on the net just now, though, and some info can be found here.
  • Somethings seemed normal to me that should have been weird: What's with the identically dressed people? Why would a bus need to respond to a plague?


Becca said...

Hi Jen,

I Looked up some of your dream symbols in an online Dream dictionary
bite - Being bitten brings to a close emotions and fears about vulnerability from something threatening or unresolved. The trigger event is signified by what is doing the biting.

bus - Going along with everyone else, part of the group, not going it alone.

cars - Cruising along, going somewhere, a journey. Out of control: Not in control of circumstances or of one self

chase - Unresolved circumstances, situation, emotions plaguing you. Can be real fear of being pursued by someone or something.

direction - Having to choose: The need to make a decision in life. Fork in the road: A choice to be made. Going in: The recognition that one is on a journey of sorts.

driving - You are on a a life or purpose journey and making progress getting there.

Enemy: An unknown force trying to prevent my ego from attaining its desires.

father - Masculine, authority, strength, A strengthening symbol, or the reverse depending upon view held.

journey - The journey through one's life in a spiritual sense. The sense of making progress in spiritual things. From one part of a dream

AbsoluteAbyss said...

Not that you really know me... since Becca seems to think we would remember eachother...

Anyways... Luxemburg is a small country in Europe between Germany, Belgum and France... they speak french and Belgum... And I know this because I used to live there... Very nice place too!

Super Happy Jen said...

My mom thinks Luxemburg represents "luxury" that I want to achieve, not the actual country of Luxembourg.

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