Monday, October 04, 2004

Bridal Show Extravaganza!

Yesterday I went to the bridal show. Adam came. So did his mom AND my mom (the first time they met. Surprisingly painless.). Three of my posse (bridesmaids) came: Amy, Becca and Eireann. My MOH sister couldn't come (taking the ringbearer to the firestation) neither could Adam's sister Julie (had to go to TO to do her photography homework). We walked around the to all the booths and entered contests with address labels Adam printed off. The highlight of the show (well there were 2 highlights):

Highlight 1: Trying on wedding dresses. Don't worry, Adam didn't see. All the dresses at the show were size 8 which I am not ashamed to say is a WEE BIT TIGHT. Dress 1 of 2 was a strapless number in white. It didn't zip up but I still looked super hot (er...I mean elegant, yeah that's it). Dress 2 of 2 was a halter corsette thing in off-white. The white is nicer than the off-white. As far as the style, it would have worked had the top not been a size or 2 too small. It looked okay when I first put it on but then the saleslady laced it up for me. She kept tightening and tightening until my girls were ready to pop out and I looked like a Victorian prostitute. Discovery: the dress holds me up as good as any bra. Woohoo. I have pictures of my dress trying experience (which I can't post because Adam would see). I also later made an excellent facsimile out of lego (which I will post as soon as Becca sends me the pic).

Highlight 2: Chocolate fountain. At $750 it won't be a go for our wedding but is this thing ever cool. Melty fondue cascading out of a fountain with all kinds of fruit layed out for us. Yum! Becca believes in our ability to make one ourselves (though the fruit will be too expensive when she has her wedding in May..that's totally the only reason she won't make one...TOTALLY).

We also saw a bridal fashion show. That was fun, though the dresses all look the same after a while. None of the guy's suits had tails which was disappointing.

The best part of the day was that I had my four best friends with me. Thanks girls (and Adam).

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Anytime, that is what we are here for.

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