Saturday, October 30, 2004

All the World's waiting for Me!

Here's a picture of me and Adam as Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor at K&K's Halloween party:

And here's a picture of me as Wonder Woman (so you can see me, sexy boots and all):

And guess what? I won fourth prize in the costume contest! Here is a picture of my trophy:

Speech! Speech!

Special thanks are due to Becca, who hemmed the skirt, altered the bathing suit, sewed the belt (though Adam's Mom insisted on redoing it), and sewed the sexy red booties. Also thank you to Adam's mom who improved the belt, sewed on the eagle, and lent her ID tag clip to the lasso of truth. Thank you to Kevin and Kerri for hosting the extravaganza and to all the folks who voted for me, especially Adam (because he's the cutest). For the record I, who cannot sew any better than a drunken idiot, sewed on the red stars (bracelet and crown), and sewed the the cape ALL BY MYSELF out of dollar-store scarves (I also painted the stars on but WHO CARES, we all knew I could paint).

In closing I would like to say: it's thundering really loud outside! (I know that had nothing to do with anything but listen to it! Aaaah!)

1 comment:

Becca said...

Jen and Adam... You guys Looked Awsome!

But you made no metion of your brother as super man... Gotta post that pic too!

Great job!


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