Monday, October 11, 2004

Before I tell you about yesterday I have to tell you about this dream...

In my dream I was watching a Looney Tunes Cartoon with Eireann then suddenly we were driving down the wrong side of the road with cars swerving to avoid us. At first I thought it was a live action part of the cartoon. Eireann was driving. We were pulled over by the army. The head army person was a woman with big triangular earrings. I thought the cartoon must be made in the 80s. I was surprised to find we were in Burlington and had been driving down Brant Street. We walked around and there were all kinds of big white tents set up. Everyone seemed to recognize Eireann and I from the news. They said we had been driving the wrong way down Bloor Street (since Bloor is in Toronto, I guess we must have been driving a while before the army pulled us over!). I saw Adam and he was eating a waffle shaped like a pizza slice. I saw there were waffles in a pizza pan with a sign above them that said "Waffles 16 cents" I asked Adam to by me one. He showed me that there was a table full of waffles and I took one. Looking back at the sign I realized it said "Waffles 16$" and it meant the whole waffle pizza. I guess you could take the slices to sample.

FREAKY THING: When I woke up this morning I could swear there was someone next to my bed. Whoever it was was whispering to try to get me to wake up and waving their hand in front of my face. I forced myself to wake up to see who it was. There was noone there. I was so sure there was someone that I looked under my bed to see if maybe my nephew was hiding there. Nope. What's freaky is that I still find it hard to convince myself I was dreaming. My brain knows I was dreaming but I still feel like there was someone there.


Yesterday I went horseback riding with my Mom, my aunt Donna, my cousin Kelly, and Adam (Uncle Gordie, Dad, and my other cousin Joey came too but they didn't go on the trail with us). Anyway. For those of you who don't know, I am super allergic to horses, but I thought I haven't been around horses in a while, maybe I am over my allergy. Just to be sure I took 2 Benedryl before I left which made me fall asleep in the car (don't worry, I wasn't driving). I had a horse named JW who insisted in being last in line and walking like ten billion miles away from the second last horse in line. Even though the guy who helped me on the horse told me how to "steer" it, it became clear in about three seconds that JW was going to listen to me about as much as a grade eight class does (not at all). When we got to the end of the trail JW found a nice patch of grass and refused to stop eating! Everyone went back to the coral and I was stuck there all alone on a grazing horse! Finally the guide came over and lead us both back to the coral. JW was very embarrassed and apologized (no, not really).

Here's a picture of JW:

BTW: I am NOT over my horse allergy but I think the Benedryl helped (I was coughing and sniffling but had no trouble breathing). Also it turns out Kelly, who had never been riding before, is allergic to horses too! Oh well, some people just have to smell a peanut and they die a horrible death so I'm not going to complain too much about the horse thing.

BBTW: Maybe all the drugs and allergens is what caused me to hallucinate this morning.

BBBTW: Happy Thanksgiving!

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zydeco fish said...

SOunds like a classic hypnogogic exprience. These are dream-like experiences or sensations of falling, hearing voices, or seeing flashes of pictures. Maybe? Or maybe you have a ghost.

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