Friday, October 22, 2004

The Good, the Bad, and the Letter B

The day started off great. I went to work with my honeybear at Metropolitan Printing. They needed someone to put calendar pages in order and I am their calendar girl! (ok, so the work itself was not all-fire exciting but I it's nice to be making money for a change. Plus, Adam is cute when he's working on stuff). When I got home there was a message from Royal Bank. They are going to do interview with me over the phone for a position as "Fraud Agent".

This is all good but it's all down hill from there. Shortly after I talked to the RBC lady, I got a call from Becca telling me that one of our friends is in the hospital. When I got off the phone with Becca I got a call for Kelona Airlines saying "Sorry, no job for you, but we'll keep your résumé on file for a laugh." What the #$@#? Clearly I am the best person for the job! I AM SO #$@# CHEERY!

In other news I have an over-occurrence of the letter "B" in my dreams lately. Blueberries, Becel, butter, bag, blog, bucket (last night) and Bloor, Brant, Burlington (the other night I happened to remember my dream). This is too many to be a coincidence isn't it? What could this mean?

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