Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Blog your own adventure...Why is Nicton Crying?

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When Kaitlyn got back down stairs she peered into the Kitchen, and she realized she hadn't dreamt anything at all! There was Nicton, sobbing out his big purple eyes, using her mothers napkins to dry his big orange tears...She, not so afraid of him now that she saw he was a sissy, wandered up to him and asked, "Mr. Nicton, Why are you crying???"

"Oh, Young Earth Animal. I have been to five houses already, and no one will lend me their organs!" The alien in the Santa suit sobbed. "If I don't get some human organs by your Boxing Day, I will fail my science project!"

Kaitlyn frowned. "Science project? I thought you said you were a scientist."

Nicton blinked back orange tears. "I thought you'd be more likely to help if I exaggerated my credentials."

"I want to help, Nicton, but I can't give you my organs," she said. "If humans are without their organs for even a short while they die. Sorry."

"Oh," Nicton said. Then he cried some more.

"Is there someway I can help," asked Kaitlyn. "I mean, without donating my organs?"

Nicton tilted his green head as if deep in thought. After a few minutes his big purple eyes lit up. "I know! I know! Come with me to my space ship, Earth Animal, and I know exactly how you can help."

Kaitlyn was skeptical. Oh well, she thought, it is Christmas after all.

For you to continue...

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