Friday, January 14, 2005

I can go back to listening to English radio

I just had my french telephone interview for the Ontario Arts Council position. Non-billingual blog readers will be relieved to hear that I will be switching back to english now. Probably Forever.

The interview went okay. I concentrated more on how to say stuff in french than what I was actually going to say. This may have made me sound like a dork (who happens to speak pretty good french) but it kind of made me less nervous. After the phone call I felt soooooooooooo relieved. Whether I get the job or not I feel like I've accomplished something. I really am billingual now. In fact, I find myself thinking in french. If I sound a little bizarre it's because I'm translating my thoughts from french to english. The brain is a funny organ.

Update: I just got a call from the Arts Council. Apparently I'm french enough because I have an interview scheduled for next friday! Go me!

1 comment:

~Becca~ said...

Yeah Jen!

I hope you enjoy your interview... I guess all thoose butterflies have floated back up again...

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