Monday, February 13, 2006

Fact-checker Extraordinaire

This is my second day of Interning and I actually got to fact-check an article. This basically involves calling people and making sure they said what the author said they said. While this sounds like a painful operation for someone as shy as me, it ended up being pleasant enough and I was able to get through it without incident. I did get a little thrill when I found an error in an article, and it was for something I almost didn't check! The author made mention of helping kids with a project on "1850s Upper Canada". However, according to my best friend the internet, in 1840 Upper and Lower Canada combined to form the province of Canada and from that time until Confederation (1867), it was called "Canada West". I sure saved a lot of mail from angry Today's Parent readers on that one!

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Caz said...

Hey Jen! That's a pretty cool ineternship thing you got there. Things like that get you places, you know? Keep going!

Btw just to let you know I have a new blog set up...

There are two more blogs but you can get to them through my profile. :)

Luv' Carol

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