Thursday, August 03, 2006

Omi's got a home

My sweet german grandmother has been in the hospital now for two months waiting for a place in a home care facility. Today she's finally moving! She'll have a private room and we can set it up with some of her furniture and pictures and things. It will look a lot more familiar to her than the hospital (which is über-important for alzeimers people). I've seen the home. It has cute male nurses and serves yummy Polish food. Perfect for Omi!

This is also super convenient for us, because this is the week me and Adam are moving into Omi's condo. Now we can move some of her furniture into the home at the same time.

I love my Omi. I hope that she's happy in her new place and isn't too nervous about moving.


Mandy said...

I do hope your Omi will be happy there. I think with her furniture and things around her, it'll be like home. Let us know how she gets on, would love to keep up :)


~Becca~ said...

Jen, I'm so happy to hear this!Sometimes the waitlist seems FOREVER. She will be alot happier in the home.

Good Luck helping her with her move!

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