Saturday, August 12, 2006

Disconnected from reality

Tommorrow we have one of them nutty all day appointments to install our cable internet. Unfortunately the brainiacs at Cogeco have suddenly discovered that our building won't let them install their phone service. (Where was this illuminating fact 2 weeks ago, I know not). My grandmother's phone company, on the other hand, has been very diligent and has promptly cut off Omi's service (our only link to the outside world).

So we signed up for Vonage. Same price as Cogeco for phone but with more goodies. Like, I can call Italy for free. Because I know SO many people in Italy. I think we can also call Scotland, so I might just randomly call Scottish Carol once our phone is installed. Who knows when that will be.

Hopefully this is the last time I have to sponge my family's internet. Cheers!

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Carol said...

Hi Disconnected Jen! Oh how lost I'd be with no internet connection! We finally got a laptop and its wireless connection is the best discovery since chocolate! I love it! I hope you guys get sorted soon... Imagine bringing a baby into a home with no internet connection!! Hahaha.
Yeah yeah call me! :D I'll e-mail you my new details. Btw I have some news - we're coming to Toronto next year! :D :D :D More in an e-mail, promise!

Luv' Caz

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