Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sick Mummy

So the man responsible for impregnating me has now also given me his sore throat and cough. (I love you, Sweetie). All the delicious decongestants, and cough suppressants that the hubby has lying around are off limits to preggers girl, so I have to resort to non-medical remedies. Unfortunately, for some reason my first-trimester queasiness is back with a vengeance and so far most of the home remedies I've tried have lead to various flavours of puke. These include:
  • gargling with salt water
  • tea with lemon and honey

Oh well, upchucking is one way to get rid of a virus, right? Anyway my doctor says that none of this will harm the offspring. He also says that it's cool if I want to take tylenol. I'm afraid to ingest anything right now, medical or not.

In other pregnancy-related news: I've recently purchased my first pair of ugly elastic preggers jeans, but haven't yet worn them in public. I'm on the cusp of needing them (I'm a wee bit too big for many of my jeans and shorts but not big enough for strangers to ask to pet my belly). I also bought two preggers t's, one that says "What's Kicking?" and another bearing the heroic image of Strawberry Shortcake (who looks way too young to be having kids if you ask me) and the slogan "Yummy Mummy". Maybe I'll wear them next month.

Speaking of preggers shopping, my already oversized girls have grown to gigantic proportions. On Saturday I went to the specialty bra store (the word specialty here meaning expensive) and purchased two 100-dollar H-cup bras. That's right, H-cup. Who knew the alphabet was even that long? Certainly not Sears or La Senza. I'm four cup-sizes bigger than the largest available in the department stores and I'm not even nursing yet. My husband is thrilled.


~Becca~ said...

Poor Jen,

You could probably take fenugreek to help clear this all up a little faster. Your pharmacist will probably give you the OK for the herb.

Get better soon!

Caz said...

Awww Jen you gotta sort that Husband of yours out! I hope you feel better soon! Seriously though, H cup breasts - are you kidding! I hope they get smaller after the baby's born! Hahaha.

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