Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stuck in the dark ages

I'm using my father-in-law's laptop, with a frustrating "lite" internet connection, to inform you of a tragic happenstance. On Friday we moved into my grandmother's condo (which shall henceforth be known as Jen and Adam's condo). I had to hang out all day to wait for the COGECO cable guy because we had an "appointment" to install our cable sometime between 8am and 5pm. First of all, what the heck kind of appointment time is that? Come on now.

Around noonish the security guard called from downstairs and said there was one of those cursed "Sorry we missed you" notes outside the door to the building. GAH! I figure he must have come when I was on the telephone for two minutes. He could have gotten security to let him in (the guard knew I was home) or waited a few minutes and tried to buzz again. But of course the cable guy didn't actually want to get in. He wanted a smoke break instead.

So I called the COGECO customer "service" hotline and was informed that they couldn't get the technician to come back that day. "He's on to other appointments," they said. "He's way too busy for you." They also said that he couldn't come back until the 17th! Now, for the sake of cheapness and "convenience" (but mostly cheapness) we have our internet, tv, and telephone bundled through COGECO. That's right. It's the dark ages for me for 2 whole weeks.

I tried every tactic I knew to persuade the customer service rep to give me a MUCH earlier date. I pleaded, I argued, I wept, I was polite, I was impolite. It was no use. I might as well have been trying to reach the Maharaja.

"The Maharaja is very busy. The Maharaja will be able to see you on the 17th, sometime between 8am and 5pm."


~Becca~ said...


Demand some kind f discount. And definetly don't pay any connection or moving fee


Adam Filipowicz said...

there was no setup fees anyhow
but i did call and got it bumped for sunday the 13th.. another all day appointment

AbsoluteAbyss said...

OK I couldn't leave this one alone... Have some feeling for the installer...

He most certainly works for an outside contractor, which means that calling COGECO won't do a thing. They typically can't even tell you who is supposed to be doing the call, at least not 100%. The way they track them is crazy and doesn't make any sense...

I would agree that he should have tried to call you again. Rule of thumb was always try the door if nothing happened you leave a msg and just go to the next call. However it does happen that some days you have no choice but to drop an appointment to keep up on your work load. The good installers, they just call you and make an appointment with you themselves during their days off.

All day appointments are normal as well as one installer might have 6-12 installs in one day... ranging from the edges of Oakville over to the edge of Hamilton... not to mention going North for upto 45 minutes on Hwy 6.

How do I know this?? I used to install for COGECO... yes it was a few years ago and things might have changed but I doubt it.

Another thing... I hope you never have to call 911... you might not get through... telephone service over IP, what COGECO offers... isn't compatible with most 911 dispatch machines. Something about this is in th small print somewhere...


zydeco fish said...

That is probably why I do not have cable. Having no cable is truly the dark ages.

crazytigerrabbitman said...

I have the bodies of four COGECO cable guys buried in my backyard. Sometimes I lay beartraps around the house and call in for a "cable technition" to check it out.

Oops...gotta go now, there's two women in school girl outfis about to lock horns in something called a 'Paddle Match'. I don't know what that is exactly - but I luvs me my sweet cable, I tellz ya!

Oh, all that Internet stuff too, of course.

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