Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Fridge No Phone

So the day before yesterday the fuse blew that connected our fridge. No problem, says my handy husband. We shall replace it. Unfortunately, even with power going to the fridge it was not its normal chilly self. It's then we noticed a gross oily smell.

We called the repair man and described the oily smell. They said such a problem would cost 400$ plus labour to fix. GAH! We had to make a decision fast. Already the popcicles had melted into a mult-coloured puddle that would make you weep.

So I called my mother, who has power of attourney over my grandmother (which extends to our appliances). She agreed that the only course of action was to buy a whole new fridge. So we did. A nice stainless steel one with the freezer at the bottom. It gets delivered on Saturday.

So for the next few days we get nothing to eat but cupboard food. No veggies. No nothing. The only cold thing we have available is the one bag of milk that we squeezed into our super-mini mini fridge.

In other news, still waiting for our phone service. I borrowed my Mom's cellphone to stay connected with reality.

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