Saturday, September 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

It's my Mom's birthday!

Anyway this is what's been happening this week:

I've started working at this financial company. It's a place where rich people hide their money from being taxed by making charitable donations. I got this job throught one of my many temp agencies who recently decided "Hey, this girl's pretty cool. We should give her work."

My job is looking through files to find specific documents, faxing the documents to the next room, then putting the files back where they came from. It's meanial, but it's easy and the people I work with are friendly.

The good thing about my job is that it's right near the lake, so I always eat my sandwich there at lunchtime. One time I saw a whole flock of monarch butterflies, beautiful. They must have been migrating because the very next day it started getting cold.

I work with this Irish lady who is totally amazed at how unpregnant I look and how enormous my breasts are. Yesterday we went to the employment agency together to pick up our cheques, and she told the employment agency that I was pregnant. I hadn't told them yet, and my Irish colleague felt bad to have outed me. "It's okay", said I. If I wanted to keep it a secret I wouldn't have worn my "Yummy Mummy" t-shirt. "Aren't her boobs massive?" said the Irish lady.

Anyway, once again, happy birthday MOM! (My Mom is the greatest. All my friends know my Mom and say how cool she is, even when they only met her once or twice. I'd give examples, but you'd really have to meet her to experience her full coolness.) Go Mom!

BTW: Yes I know this post wasn't really about my Mom, but she likes to know what's going on with my life.

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~Becca~ said...

Happy Birthday to Jens Cool Mom!!!

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