Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Graduation William!

So William and I went to the breastfeeding clinic today (yes, they are open on Sunday). He's up to 9 pounds and the boobfeeding police say he's gaining and feeding well. If you read the last post, you know this is a big deal. We even earned a cheeseball certificate:
Not sure what they mean by "semi-graduated" but I'm very proud about everything William has learned about drinking boobjuice. Congratulations Baby!


zydeco fish said...

I think semi-graduated is for those moms and babies who can only nurse on one side. That certificate will look nice hanging next to his degrees.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jen! I think this calls for a graduation present for Mom. I'm proud that you could stick through it.


~Becca~ said...

Congratz to ALL of you!

It was amazing to watch your dedication to breastfeeding Jen. I think most moms would have given up completly with that challenge you faced... I don't know I could have braved it like you did.

William was a little fighting champ, he was so insistant and went about his food with gusto!What a smart little baby.

Adam was so supportive and stood by you with pump or bottle or formula and watched you two fight through it to figure it out. It's so hard to just stand by without trying to do more. Adam you rock!

All of you conquered this big first challenge. Congratz!

Aviatrix said...

I think this is the semi-graduation because the real graduation comes a bit later when you learn to stare down and fend off the nosey relatives and strangers who think your baby is too big to be breastfed.

Q. Are you STILL breastfeeding?
A. Yes, it usually takes about forty minutes.

Q. When are you going to wean him?
A. When he asks me.

Q. Do you mind!? People are eating!
A. He's people. He's eating.

Thanks for propagating the species, and for sharing your experiences.

nec Timide said...

Congrats! Never breast fed (don't have the equipment or off spring) but my generation went through out fertile period during a very aggressive pro-breast feeding period. I got to witness a number of very proud but angst ridden new moms trying to work through the same experience. Good job on getting through with your sanity and bond intact.

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