Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Status Update

Seeing as I haven't blogged since the weekend, I thought I'd give a few updates. I'd like you to imagine this as one of those newsreels scrolling along the bottom of your screen.

William is currently in his Snugli strapped to me. Adam wants to get a different brand because this one fits kind of awkwardly (with baby often leaning out the side). Becca and Drew have the Baby Bjorn, which seems to work better.

It's very sunny out today and if yesterday was any indication it's very warm too. Yesterday we walked to the Early Years Centre and saw a talk on switching to solids. William was the youngest there (which makes sense because it's way too early to even think about solid feeding.) He was in a fabulous mood until halfway through the talk when he decided to test his vocal chords. I walked him around the room and by the second lap he fell asleep.

An old lady thought William was a girl yesterday. "Oh isn't she a darling. She's such a doll. ... She... She ... She." Now I know that without checking genitalia it's difficult to guess at gender with babies, but at the time he had a blue blanket wrapped around him and was wearing a onesie that said "William" across the front of it. I don't even bother correcting at that point.

I went to put on a onesie yesterday that he's warn before and found it no longer fit. My little boy is growing up.

We have lots of instant oatmeal in our cupboard, so today I'm going to try and make cookies out of it.


zydeco fish said...

I always found it shocking when babies outgrow something. It goes so freakin' fast.

nec Timide said...

Many years ago I ran into a military buddy who had been out of the country for a couple of years. He had a new wife and infant in tow. The infant was resplendent in baby blue clothes so I said "is he ever cute" or words to that effect. His wife went ballistic "SHE is a GIRL!". And stalked off. I never did really get to meet her, nor would I have known what to say.

Bonus points for making it easy to appreciate William, but some people will still miss the clues.

~Becca~ said...

:( I had to put away almost all of Aedans size "N" and 0-3 month stuff, It just doesn't fit right anymore.

I don't know how I would react to someone not recognizing Aedan is a boy. It hasn't happened, I hope I'll deal with it kind enough not to embarass the other person :)

Super Happy Jen said...

Alas, I never did make any cookies.

Jay said...

Blue blankets hardly speak to gender, but you'd think that the name printed across the chest might be a giveaway!

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