Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Just wanted everyone to know that, despite the fact that I did not leave the apartment today, I did remember to wear green. William wore green too, but that was a coincidence. Adam wore red, the anti-green.

According to my friend the internet, Saint Patrick is the guy who ran around Ireland in the olden days, converting people to Christianity, chasing away snakes, and drinking green beer. He died several years ago on March 17th. Even though he never succeeded in coverting me, I still think he sounds like a cool guy so we should all drink a Shamrock Shake in his honour. Do they still have those?


zydeco fish said...

The Shamrock Shake is an abomination, as is green beer, or any beverage that is green, except, perhaps, for Creme de Menthe.

P.S. I wore black on St. Patrick's day.

Super Happy Jen said...

Z: An abomination? Uncle O'Grimacey would be very sad to hear you say that.tgdnk

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